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Piercy Interview At Shriners


SCOTT PIERCY:  It’s probably the difference between winning and losing.  You know, I take a lot of positives out of it, but I’m kind of kicking myself at the same time.

Q.  We’ve seen scores around 20‑under last few years here.  What was the difference with the course that maybe made the scores lower this year?
SCOTT PIERCY:  The rough was up.  For a couple days the greens were firm.  The greens were really inconsistent as far as landing it today.  One wedge would spin back.  I spun one off the green into the water on 12, and then you’d get a couple that bounce 20 feet and then stop.  It’s hard to judge a couple of the greens coming in, but I just think with the greens a little firmer and the rough up a little bit, it translated into higher scores.

Q.  What are your goals over the next few weeks and what’s your schedule?
SCOTT PIERCY:  You know, my goal was in the fall to just sew up my major medical.  Today I probably made around 200 grand, so I need to make another 100 just to not even worry about it.  The ultimate goal is win and keep getting better.

Q.  What’s it mean to be healthy again?
SCOTT PIERCY:  It means a lot.  I mean, I played for almost 10 months with one arm and made a million bucks doing it.  When you’ve got two arms, it’s pretty good.

Q.  Do you feel 100 percent again?
SCOTT PIERCY:  Yeah, I mean, I’m not going to call it 100, but the last little bit, I’m kind of forgetting about it.  Physically I’m 100 percent, getting the last little bit out of my mind and not having to worry about it is all that’s left.

Q.  How long were you out for with the surgery?
SCOTT PIERCY:  About five months.

Q.  When did you start hitting balls again?
SCOTT PIERCY:  About two and a half months after surgery.

Q.  You said about 10 months playing in pain?

Q.  How bad was it at Match Play?
SCOTT PIERCY:  Bad.  I couldn’t hit a wedge.

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